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Daily Archives: May 9, 2009

Mother’s Day tomorrow

Those words strike fear in the hearts of restaurant workers everywhere.

It’s not that we don’t appreciate our mothers or anything. It’s just that Mother’s Day is one of those dreaded “Amateur Days”. Every server has a few Mother’s Day horror stories tucked away in the back pocket. I’m sure that if you go to a few waiting table blogs next week, you’ll read about a few of them. From wild ladies’ hats to sons and daughters who feel like they’ve been forced to pay expensive homage to their moms, from shrieking kids to people who only dine out once or twice a year, Mother’s Day is a real treat for those who toil in restaurants.

So, fellow inmates…I mean…workers, keep a stiff upper lip. Do your best to help those poor souls who can’t find a more creative way to say thank you to their mothers. And those of you dining out?  Have a heart.  After all, some of us don’t have our mothers to fete anymore. And some of those are waiting on you. So, tip appropriately and find a way to loosen up and enjoy the day with your mom and family!

Waiter Extraordinaire

No, not me silly.

That’s the name of a very nice blog that not only entertains but informs.

He has things that I’ll probably eventually introduce to this blog, like a drink of the week or a quiz, but he’s been doing it for a while now. I hope that you’ll check out the blog and tell your friends.

Oh yeah, this goes in the links category as well.