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Daily Archives: May 13, 2009

Foodie post of the day

A book worth seeking out if you’re interested in Asian food is

the complete book of Japanese cooking: the traditions, techniques, ingredients and recipes

emi kazuko, with recipes by yasuko fukuoka

Hermes House

There are two ISBN numbers: 13: 978-o681-28004-5 and 10: 0-681-28004-2

My copy is a foreign imprint (printed in China). Beautifully illustrated with great photos,  the best part of the book is the first half of the book where they touch on Japanese culture and show loads of photographs of the exotic ingredients that you are likely to have to use, as well as describing them and how you use them. They also show specialized cooking tools and utensils. The recipes show techniques that you need to produce the beautiful Japanese dishes and I highly recommend this book to anyone interested at all in cooking. I doubt that it’s in print, but I’ve seen copies on eBay as well as used copies at Amazon. I’m sure that other sources would be able to supply this handsome large format volume. I’ve seen several copies at my local used bookstore.

PS, I used the capitalization style of the cover, so don’t bitch at me for screwing it up.