So You Want To Be A Waiter

The best book on waiting tables that you have never read – yet

Found this book at my local used bookstore.

This is a well-written comprehensive (if a little bloodless) textbook on being a waiter.

Culinary Arts IV

Robert M. Nograd (I love that name!)

Consulting Editor

Johnson and Wales College

P.A.R. Incorporated

Educational Publishers

Providence, RI

Copyright 1985 by Johnson and Wales College

Revised Edition 1988. ISBN: 0-89702-073-1 (I-IV)

This is a textbook that they use at Johnson and Wales to teach front-of-the-house principles. I’m sure that they’ve updated it since this edition, but should you find an earlier copy or even this edition, you should pick it up, especially at the $2 that I paid <chuckle>.

Especially noteworthy is the wine and alcohol and bar setup information that is neatly summarized at the end of the book. But the first part of the book goes into the nuts and bolts of table service. And there’s an extensive primer on tableside carving, something that the vast majority of us don’t need to do any more.

Good luck in your search for this rather unpresupposing book. Lots of great info packed inside.


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