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Cookbook of the day – Sublime Smoke



Sublime Smoke: Bold New Flavors Inspired by the Old Art of Barbecue

by Cheryl Alters Jamison and Bill Jamison

Harvard Common Press

ISBN-10: 1558322922

ISBN-13: 978-1558322929

I’m a bit of a smoking buff. I don’t have one of these:


but one of these:


The top is the famous (to some) Lang 84. The bottom is the famous (to all) Weber 22″ Silver Kettle grill. I also have one of these:


This is an electric Brinkmann Gourmet bullet smoker.

I grew up in Memphis, so hickory smoke runs through my veins. I enjoy smoking (well, I like grilling too, but I’m more intrigued with the intricacies of smoking verses slapping some steaks and dogs on the grill). I enjoy experimenting with smoking techniques, especially since I’m forced to smoke using the size limitations of the Weber. I’m sure I’ll be posting on things that I’ve discovered about smoking later on, but in the meantime, I’ll be recommending some books on the subject over the next few weeks. This is one of my favorites.

The first part of the book is a well-written primer on smoking in general. It discusses the different types of smokers and tools that you need. It gives an overview on what smoking is and isn’t.

I especially like the diversity of recipes. This isn’t a “win a BBQ contest” sort of book. It offers a wide diversity of dishes featuring smoke, some of them quite surprising. From home-smoked kedgeree (a British breakfast hash) to “coq au smoke”, a smoky take on coq au vin, from Thai sirloin salad to cold fish and cucumber salad, you can learn to expand your cooking palate with this book.

If you want to explore the world of smoking, here’s a great forum:

I warn you in advance – there are a lot of strong opinions on the forum, some of which I disagree with. But there’s a lot of great advice and you’ll learn alot as you browse the forum. And if you look closely, you might find my secret to my incredible pork rub, which of course is the best in the known and unknown universe.

Look for this link in my links list.

PS, the top photo of Sublime Smoke is the most current issue. The bottom photograph is the edition that I own. I can’t speak to the differences in editions. My comments are based on the 1996 edition that I own.


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