So You Want To Be A Waiter

The best book on waiting tables that you have never read – yet

New link posted – “Don’t Tip The Waiter” blog

Self-described as “The Onion meets the restaurant industry”, and voted “Number 1 restaurant site on the Internet by The Amish Times”, this is a keeper. Here’s just one example of the content:

Natural Disaster Theme Restaurant Opens In Bloomington

BLOOMINGTON, IN—A new restaurant, designed to treat diners to the effect of eating while in the midst of a natural disaster, opened in Bloomington last week to mixed reviews. The biggest knock against the concept, it seems, is the downtime for clean up the restaurant requires between each seating.

General Manager and part-owner, Marley Biggs, estimates the staff spends approximately four hours cleaning up the various dining rooms, in contrast to the roughly 45 minutes it takes for diners to consume their meals.


To read the rest of this hilarious article, go here:

And to access the blog directly, go here:

I give it two opposible thumbs and a donateable kidney up.

Look for the link in my links roster.



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