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TN legislature overrides Governor’s veto of “Guns in Bars” bill

“NASHVILLE – The Senate voted 21-9 today to join the House in voting to override Gov. Phil Bredesen’s veto of a bill allowing those who hold handgun carry permits to take their weapons into establishments that sell alcoholic beverages.

Democratic Sen. Doug Jackson of Dickson, sponsor of the bill, said the override means the new law will take effect 40 days from today, or July 14”.

While restaurant owners were generally against it, apparently, they didn’t fight too hard against it:

“Dismissing the fact that the state’s major law enforcement and restaurant associations had come out against the bill and that several uniformed lawmen had stood behind Bredesen at the veto ceremony, Todd noted that, as he stood in the dock and asked for an override, he, too, had been flanked by former law enforcement officers. There had been six in all, it appeared, all in plain clothes.

And Todd said that restaurant owners had never campaigned seriously against the bill. “I know. I talked to a lot of them.”


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