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Update from my last “New Link Posted” – a cautionary tale


Sad news in that apparently there was more than “a little fallout” over our newest blogger’s funny commentary on her co-workers.

From “Girl in the Weeds”:

“For the last three years, I have worked at a job that I love.  Quite unexpectedly, I was hired to work at one of the best restaurants in Kansas City without much serving experience.  I convinced a skeptical manager that my background as a concierge and my passion for service and high-end hospitality would fit right in with what he was looking for in a team member.  They took a chance on me and over the next three years, I built a good following of regulars, routinely did well on secret shopper reports, and was asked to be a trainer.  But the two best things about my job were bonding with the guests that I served and the amazing friends that I made.

Okay (insert needle scratching a record sound here) that’s enough of that hazy “Dreamweaver” moment.  I was fired on Wednesday for writing my weekly column.  ”In The Weeds” has been a fun, sarcastic and anonymous look at my experiences in the restaurant industry.  It will continue to be fun and sarcastic.  It will no longer be anonymous.  I will continue to post on on Tuesdays so please visit often for real stories from my years at The Capital Grille.   

Teaser for Tuesday: A look inside the little shoe box that serves as both manager office and execution chamber”.

Sad news indeed. I hope that everyone will continue to visit Shannon’s CJ’s blog in support. I’m sure that some interesting dirty laundry is forthcoming.

Thanks to bitterwaitress for alerting me to this, as I wasn’t planning to check back in until Tuesday, her normal day to update her blog.

And this should serve as warning to those who choose to blog about their workplaces, whether in the restaurant biz or not. I’m not saying that it’s right for such a chilling effect to be possible, but folks should realize the risks that they take in being too specific when they talk about workplace happenings. I think that this sort of thing still hasn’t been sorted out in the courts and we’re likely to see some interesting legal actions unfold in the coming years. I think, at the very least, one should think long and hard about telling fellow workers that they are even blogging, especially if they are writing about personalities or issues in their workplace and especially if they work in “Right To Work” and “”At Will Employment” states. I don’t think that those workers are offered very much legal protection when it comes to being fired on the grounds that they have blogged about their work.

It took only a few posts over a month-and-a-half for this situation to develop.

And now you know why I haven’t offered much in the way of personal information.

But, in case you were wondering where I get off on offering all sorts of information about waiting tables, let’s just say that I’ve been either waiting tables or managing restaurants (4 years in the late 90s) for the past 15 years and my first job as a waiter was in 1974 for a year and and a half and another job in 1980 – 1982 in another restaurant.

One response to “Update from my last “New Link Posted” – a cautionary tale

  1. waiterextraordinaire June 7, 2009 at 1:00 pm

    That is crazy! What about free speech. Anyway I know a couple of people have seen my blog at work. But there is such a disinterest in anything I say that they probably just forget about it as soon as they read it. Ha

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