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Correction of “Update from my last “New Link Posted” – a cautionary tale” post

I confused the Admin of, Shannon, with C*****, the creator of the  “Girl In The Weeds” blog. I think that I thought that C***** was giving up a pseudonym and giving her real name.

My sincere apologies and I’ve corrected it.

Just a reminder, C***** (from now on known only as CJ) will be updating her post tomorrow and it should be quite a post indeed. Make sure that you check it out at…schreeeeeeech…:cue sound of squealing brakes:

OK,  I’ve taken out the original link because of potential issues with her current situation. As soon as I get a proper link from frothygirlz that eliminates any reference to her real name…hint, hint Shannon, you need to do some erasure on the original blog pronto!…I’ll be adding the updated “Girl in the Weeds” link to the blogroll…until then, please have patience…

3 responses to “Correction of “Update from my last “New Link Posted” – a cautionary tale” post

  1. teleburst June 9, 2009 at 12:00 am

    Just so you guys know, I deleted all traces of Shannon’s post and my reply in order to give a measure of privacy to someone who could use a measure of that at the moment.

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