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Interesting takes on the verbal tip from Waiternotes

From our friend at, a pair of missives on verbal tips and how they are possibly becoming a new way to avoid the responsibility of a proper tip during economic hard times. It’s not a new phenomenon as servers have become wearily used to guests using phrases like “Thank you for your great/excellent/perfect service” as a substitute for part or most of the tip. I’m sorry, but if you enthuse to your waiter that you just got great service, a 15% tip isn’t appropriate – that’s the appropriate tip for just average, do just what is necessary to get your food – hell, at least bump it up to 17% if you want to do the bare minimum to back up your words. It’s an outrage for this phrase to accompany anything less than 15%, especially if it’s on the pre-tax total. His point is that he’s seeing it used by people that you wouldn’t expect it to be coming from and he posits that it’s becoming a coded apology that times are tight and “I’m can’t tip as much as I used to” as much as it was always a way to assuage guilt by guests who knew that they weren’t going to be tipping very well. He presents his theory pretty well between the two posts.

His most recent posts as of today (6.8.09) are on the subject (there are two so far). I hope some guests read this, but I suspect that the ones that read his sort of blog aren’t the type of people to display this rather sad-sack behavior.


One response to “Interesting takes on the verbal tip from Waiternotes

  1. waiterextraordinaire June 8, 2009 at 8:40 pm

    Yes the mighty handshake is the kiss of death for any worthwhile tip afterwards.

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