So You Want To Be A Waiter

The best book on waiting tables that you have never read – yet

The Donald on – “The Waiter Rule”

header - Trump

From “Trump University”, Donald Trump talks about “The Waiter Rule” – “Occasionally in the business world, I’ve heard people refer to something called “The Waiter Rule.” Simply put, how you treat a waiter or a waitress reveals a lot about your character. It may sound insignificant, but over the years I’ve certainly found it to be true”.

Trump goes on to advise people to “think twice the next time you sit down at a table and get ready to order. And don’t forget to leave a big tip”.

Kudos to Donald Trump!

Oh, one thing, waiters. To get the “big tip”, you’ve got to give the “big service”. Never forget that. We aren’t charity cases, you know.


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