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A first for me – removing a link

I’ve just removed one of my links to another blog.

The most recent post on the blog was just way too racist for my liking, plus bitching about having to give a delivery person more than a buck for almost $30 worth of food delived TO HIS RESTAURANT.  Even though a 20% delivery charge was already added, it just didn’t seem to be the right tone for a server, especially when he complains about the delivery person being rude, even though he doesn’t mind being rude to blacks and other customers himself. Plus, now he’s begging for donations through Pay Pal. Should the delivery guy have bitched about only getting a buck. Nope. But he’s not writing a blog either, now is he?

I’m all for freedom of speech and that’s his right to spew some pretty hateful speech. I just don’t have to promote so many references to “ghetto” and made up Afro-American names as a form of derision. It’s the 21st Century. We should have left that sort of stuff behind in the 19th Century. 

I’m not going to rage on and name the blog in question. I’m just going to remove it from my blog roll.


One response to “A first for me – removing a link

  1. GH June 13, 2009 at 2:33 am

    ohhhh…how I love a good scandal.
    Though I so would love to know who the mysterious blogger is, I guess I’ll just sit this one out.

    🙂 Keep up the good work.


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