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A sad anniversary

We lost Tim Russert a year ago today. One of the few “good guys” in the news business. Despite being a life-long Democrat, he was both fair and tough to both sides of the aisle (and even to “independents”).

Filled with an inordinate amount of “common sense” and a solid working-class Buffalo background, you couldn’t pull the wool over his eyes, regardless of your political persuasion. He was feared by those who had to sit at his Meet the Press desk, but it was a fear tempered by the knowledge that he was always fair. The fear came from the fact that he had always done his homework and he was quick to point out when someone was being fudging the facts or changing their position. It was tempered by the knowledge that he was equally both tough and fair to both the Left and the Right, Democrat and Republican. He never hid the fact that he clerked for Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan and conservatives and Republicans didn’t hold that against him – that’s how fair and tough he was.

The saddest thing was that he was taken right at the point that the most interesting presidential campaign was just gaining momentum. He was greatly missed on election night.

His is a hole that isn’t likely to be filled anytime soon.


Here’s to you, Big Guy!


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