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A milestone – 2000 hits

2,000 hits!  More than 1,300 this month alone already. It took me the first full month just to get over 700. Who’da thunk it? Sure, that’s a drop in the bucket for some blogs, but I’m pleased that folks are checking out the blog and are even coming back for more.

Or perhaps there’s one little guy with nothing to do all day who’s sitting in his basement hitting my blog between hitting the bong. Who knows?

Incidentally, for those who have asked, no, I haven’t been working on my book. However, I’m guessing that some of the posts here will end up in the book in one form or another. In a way, it’s been helpful to bring up issues that I hadn’t thought about including in the book. I’m still sitting at a very editable 17,000 words in the manuscript.

So, once again, I appreciate all of the interest and hope you tell your friends, link my blog or just plan check in everyday.

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