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Daily Archives: June 29, 2009

Midyear checkup

Well, we’re a day away from the year’s midpoint. This is a good chance to take stock of where you are in your job.

Have you been tracking your tips? If so, where are you as opposed to last year? Are you a little behind where you would normally be? If you don’t keep your pay stubs each period, you should at least keep your pay stubs for June and December. This way you can see where you’re at versus last year for the first and last half of the year. If you keep your December pay stub, you can glance at your Oct. and Nov. stubs and see if you’re still on track to meet or exceed last year’s tips.  This gives you the chance to evaluate whether you’re doing all you can to maximize your tips. It might also tell you if you’re dishing off too many shifts or taking too much time off (or conversely, whether you’ve got a little room to take a few days off).

Look at your table service. Where can you improve? Can you make your movements more fluid? Are you as in tune with your guests and their needs as well as you could be? Are you manicuring your tables as well as you could?

Are you pulling your weight with sidework? Are you a reliable member of the team?

If you haven’t started putting aside money for this year’s taxes, you should start now. You can still cut your tax burden in half, which is better than nothing.

Take a really good look at your uniform.

Set at least one achievable goal for the last half of the year and stick to it. Get your brain ready for when business picks up (for those of you who are in the slow season). 

Get your oil chang…oh wait, wrong forum.