So You Want To Be A Waiter

The best book on waiting tables that you have never read – yet

New link added because of post that proves that “The customer isn’t always right”.

For those of you who subscribe to the trope, “The customer is always right”,  I give you counter example, Exhibit A:

And the “punch line” is brilliant.

Here’s the deal. The customer isn’t always right. It’s not right to touch or grab a server without permission, especially when at another table, make unwanted sexual advances or comments to workers, lie about your food or order, bully the waitstaff into giving you special privileges, discounts or other dispensations like honoring coupons that have been expired for months,  lie about being a “friend of the owner” (this one rarely works), take anything off of a tray being carried by someone, interrupt a  waiter while they’re at another table, whistle or snap your fingers at a waiter to gain their attention, refuse to accept that you’ve been cut off, or piss in the sink of the restroom.

Just letting you know. And don’t think that this list inclusive either. That would also be wrong.

Just for the above post, “bitter waiter” gets added to my blogroll. Let’s give them a warm SYWTBAW welcome. Añejo
 neats all around. Limes for those who need them.


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