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New link added – The Thairade

First of all, I’m a sucker for a well-turned phrase, double meaning, pun, or clever wordplay. So the name of this blog, The Thairade, would have attacted my attention on its face. But the producer of this blog had the good taste to praise my blog in a comment to a recent post, plus, I have a great affinity toward Thai food, so we’re adding it to ye olde blogroll.

Fortunately, it’s also well-written and witty. It’s also, as I might have said during my times living in Germany, Nagelneu (literally “new nail”, but means brand new or new as a shiny nail), so get in on the ground floor and watch it grow. It’s fairly unique because I haven’t seen any blogs from waiters in ethnic or exotic restaurants. Should be fodder for some interesting stories.

PS, I give it the same number of stars that I demand from my Thai food – 5 stars (Native Thai, extremely hot).


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