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Poll finds around 75% of restaurants in Memphis and Nashville will ban guns

“Walt Baker, CEO of the Tennessee Hospitality Association, said his group has received about 100 responses to a statewide survey of 650 restaurant owners. He said 78 percent of the respondents said they would ban guns on their premises.

Of the other 22 percent, about half were concerned that posting signs would hurt business by turning off potential customers who aren’t familiar with the law and might wonder about a restaurant’s reputation.

The percentages are about the same among Memphis restaurant owners, said Mike Miller, president of the Memphis Restaurant Association.”

Read the whole article here:

As background, the Tennessee legislature has passed the only law in the nation that specifically allows guns in restaurants that serve alcohol and bars. It allows the restaurant owner to opt out if they post a sign saying that no guns are allowed.

(Editorial comment follows):

As some have pointed out, it would have been more logical to let restaurant owners “opt-in” rather than opt-out. That way, you’d post a sign saying that guns were allowed, which seems like a more logical way to keep “the bad guys” away instead of letting the bad guys know that fewer people would presumably be armed in a given establishment. But public safety really wasn’t the gun lobby and the gun fanatics goal here, despite protestations to the contrary. This opt-out clause proves that. It also shows that the gun lobby and the legislature is willing to sacrifice public safety in order to promote an agenda. Sad.



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