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Thanks for all of the support!

From the normal slow start of views in week 17 – 18 at the founding of this blog, we’re now flirting with 1000 views a week in week 31 (we’ll probably finish around 900 hits this week). The blog routinely gets between 60 and 180 views a day, which is no small feat for a new blog that doesn’t talk politics or computer software.

That’s tremendous. The trend line is quite steady when you average it out (there are a couple of unusual peaks coming from popular one-off posts).  The first few weeks, we were gradually adding to the count, and then it sort of exploded from there. This week doubles the number from 6 weeks ago.

For a blog that started in April of this year, a blog with a less-than-global subject matter, paucity of political content or general interest topics, the growth has been very nice.

Hopefully I’m doing something right.

Now’s the time for the reader to weigh in. Are there any waiter issues that you’d like to be covered in the future? Do you think there should be more, or less posts about culinary issues? More or less cookbook reviews? More humorous off-topic posts, or the elimination of anything that doesn’t directly bear on being a waiter? Is my frequency of posting too much or not enough (or just right)? Do you need smaller pictures because you check out the blog on your mobile divice or from slow dialup? The answer to such questions, or any issues that you might want to raise, will help me tweak the blog to be more useful.

I know that at least one person would like more “stories from the front”. When I have a story that is a “teachable moment”, I won’t hesitate to relate it. I’m not so much into gratuitous dishing on guests though. There are plenty of blogs that do that, some of which do it in a witty and funny fashion and some that are just plain mean. You can choose your poison. My favorites are those that throw in some mean in a witty and funny fashion.

Feel free to tell me what you like and don’t like. I’ll take all opinions under advisement.

I hope that you, gentle reader, will always feel free to express your opinions, correct me when I’m wrong about something and continue to tell your friends in and out of the industry, about this blog. I appreciate any and all adds to blogrolls. I get significant traffic from those of you who have been so kind as to list me as a blog that you recommend.

Also, if any of you are part of the Technorati community, feel free to review this blog. It would be nice to see some objective feedback on a third party site.

Finally, I guess I should state the philosophy of this blog for latecomers.

This is a blog designed to impart specific information to help newcomers flatten the learning curve when they become waiters. I consider an appreciation of the culinary world essential for success as a waiter, so I add items about the food world in order to expand a waiter’s food knowledge and keep their interest in food and beverage piqued.  I also hope that even experienced waiters can be reminded of a principle or two that they’ve either forgotten about or hven’t revisited in a while. I realize that sometimes I cover items that experienced waiters think are self-apparent or common sense, but many of us have forgotten what it was like when we were first thrown into the wild and wacky world of waiting tables.

I think that education is alos important, so I discuss books pertinent to the cuisine world, books that help a waiter be able to feel confident in answering guest’s questions and helping them guide their way to the perfect dining experience, whether it be in a three-star Michelin restaurant or a mom-and-pop meat-and-three diner. You’ll find those bood discussions under “Cookbook of the Day”. Obviously, the books won’t always be cookbooks, so don’t be fooled.

My use of the the term waiter is gender-neutral. Waiter refers to male and female servers. while I generally don’t use the word server (except in real life, I suppose), you might see it creep in occasionally. There are some contexts where the term waiter might be confusing, so I might use the term server (or even waitress).

One response to “Thanks for all of the support!

  1. waiterextraordinaire August 2, 2009 at 1:04 pm

    As a goal I haven’t reached yet I am attempting to attract 100 unique visitors in one day.That means 100 different people. If anyone out there can share how many unique visitors they get a day I would be interested in knowing. I think that is the key really. For that I think I have to get outside of the restaurant industry. Just not sure how to do that. Do you have any thoughts? Congrats by the way Dave!

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