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Daily Archives: August 16, 2009

To the two black ladies I waited on last night

You were very sweet when I approached the table. All smiles and seemingly glad to be dining with us. I wish more people exuded this sort of graciousness.

You ordered two glasses of champagne to start.

You ordered two appetizers.

You modified one of our salads quite a bit, but I must admit that it looked pretty good (I’m always suspicious about honey mustard dressing, which sometimes seems to be like ranch…a safe and somewhat predicatable choice).

You ordered lobster and steak and had another glass of champagne each with the entrees. The steak was medium well. Fortunately for me, it was cooked just right and not undercooked or overcooked as can happen sometimes.

Your bill was $260.

So thank you very much for the $100 tip!