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Daily Archives: August 17, 2009

New milestone

We went over 1000 views for the week.

Getting some nice steady momentum here. Thanks for all of the interest and support.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome!

Fresh mindset for waiters

For those of you who work in markets where the summers are slow (most places that aren’t big tourist destinations), now is the time to start getting refocused. Mid August signals the start of normal business and sometimes we get complacent or have been struggling to maintain a good attitude as our bank account dwindles.

So, be proactive and start thinking now that each shift is going to be busy instead of slow.

One wrinkle to this is that the week that school gets back into session is usually a lull week because parnets are more pocused on getting the young’uns back into the school groove. But don’t let that throw you. don’t let your guard down. Start filing off the waiter rust and get back to fine-tuning your game.

Your guests and your wallet will thank you.