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Daily Archives: August 18, 2009

Another milestone

After hovering toward the very bottom of the barrel at Technorati, I’ve now jumped up the list around 35%!

So, instead of being the 1,300,000th most popular blog, I’m now in the 6 digit area.

There are only 868,632 more popular blogs than mine.

Watch out Ms. Huffington and your Post. Another horse is going to be hitching up to your post pretty soon, and he’s thirsty.

Seriously, I’m most grateful for the interest and hope to keep that interest. Hopefully, as the dog days of summer grind to an inexorable halt, I’ll find more interesting things to post about, so hang in there.

PS, I find it weird that WordPress’s own spell check finds blog and blogs. Weird.

And now, your moment of zen…

PS, just a reminder that “your moment of zen” is a creation of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart and is used despite the staff’s extreme unease with associating their phrase with this blog. You can register your sympathy and commiserate with the staff here: