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Nope, still haven’t gotten back to the premiere of this season.

I was just thinking how, instead of going to Las Vegas, which has many showcase restaurants from already existing restaurants and chefs from anywhere other than there, they might have actually done some good and done a season from a city with a true culinary tradition – New Orleans. Think of the good that they could have done at a time when there’s some infrastructure present, but still a lot of waste and devastation and exodus from the city. Think of all of the twists and challenges that would naturally tie into the state of post-Katrina New Orleans.  Think of the exposure and the good that a show like that could do. Think of the charity possibilities.

Yes, they filmed the final of the New York season there, so I guess they can claim a sop to the city. But still…

Instead, they went in exactly the opposite direction. What’s next? A season filmed entirely in Epcot?

I wonder why I’m so cranky about this. Maybe I need to simply watch the rest of the episode and chill.


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