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Last day of the month

As regular readers of this blog know, I always remind all waiters to take the last few days of each month to take an especially close look at their uniforms.

A waiter should alway be checking their uniform pieces out, from shirts and pants to aprons, jackets, ties and shoes.

But it’s easy to let things go to the point of being threadbare. That’s why I susggest that they cast an especially critical eye to each uniform item at least once a month. This way, the waiter doesn’t let their uniform standards slide past the point of uselessness. Plus, it helps the server to be the one to replace uniform items in their own time before a manager has to intervene.

So, fellow waiters – check out your uniforms closely and replace items past their useable lifespan.


One response to “Last day of the month

  1. AK August 31, 2009 at 10:26 pm

    Just wondering… in most restaurants, do the servers pay for uniforms (+ replacements)?

    In the first restaurant I worked in, we wore black Oxford style shirts so we could buy them wherever. At this one, we have to purchase a very specific shirt and apron for $50 and pay for replacements.

    Not sure if this is ethical or not?

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