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Labor Day

Traditionally, the week leading up to Labor Day is a slow one for most restaurants.

Usually it follows a couple of weeks up uptick from the slow summer months (except for those restaurants whose busy months are summer, of course).

Waiters are lulled into a false sense that the slow days are over. They rejoice over fattened wallets and busier, less stultifying shifts.

And then comes “the week”.

What a letdown.

But it’s inevitable. There is a confluence of events that conspire against the hapless waiter. School is firmly back and parents are dealing with the financial and personal shock of getting their kids acclimated to their new environs. The summer is almost “officially” over and people scramble to wring out the last joys of summer without the benefit of the restaurant. and they prepare for the onslaught of the inevitable Labor Day cookout.

So, fellow waiters, don’t get down. It will pick back up where it left off next week.

But don’t get fooled. Remember what I said about the day before a major vacation – it’s often times busier than you might expect. As the day before Labor Day always falls on a Sunday, a day that is traditionally already a bit slower than most, it’s easy to get lulled into a sense of false security. One thing about the Sunday before Labor Day, it can surprise you. This is because some people have family and friends who travel in to participate in the hallowed Labor Day Cookout. Because the grand feast happens the next day, some of these folks will go out the night before because they want someone else cook for them and they want to start their Labor Day in an institutional social setting. And the hosts like to be distracted from all of the prep work that they’ve done prior to The Cookout.

So, if you’re working Sunday, don’t assume that it will be dead. It might very well be, but if you go in anticipating better, you won’t be caught flat-footed.

Happy Labor Day everyone!

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