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The best book on waiting tables that you have never read – yet

Ketchup draws visitors like flies

I’m constantly amazed that, every single day, there are multiple listings for Heinz ketchup (yesterday 10), Heinz ketchup label (althready 2 today) tomato ketchup,  and just plain ketchup (yesterday 6 and already 2 today) in my “These are terms people used to find your blog” area.

I posted once several months ago about the change in labels by Heinz ketchup, a change that I found superfluous, costly and potentially risky from a marketing standpoint.

So I wondered if I my humble post had somehow rogued  itself into the top Google or Google blog listings. So I checked. No joy. So I checked Bing. Nope.

I’m baffled, frankly. My only guess is that this includes tag and keyword search and maybe I’m up there because bloggers don’t write very much about ketchup.

I just thought it was weird.

At least I don’t have the weird search engine terms that Hooters Girls bloggers seem to get. I’m grateful for that.


“All the girls love ketchup”.

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