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Daily Archives: September 7, 2009

For those of you itching for a personal post

Just wanted to let you ruffians know that I’m smoking a 6.5 lb Boston Butt right now using a new experimental rub. Cost me less than .60/ lb after paying .88/lb and using a Harris-Teeter $20 off $50 purchase coupon.

Hell, it’s about as cheap as ramen, but it takes a million times longer (it shouldn’t be finished until well after 9 pm since I only got it on the Weber around 11:45.)

Man, nothing like the smell of hickory and alder on Labor Day. Coupled with a pale ale, of course.

Happy Labor Day

For those of you who have to work today, I hope that your labor is rewarded.

For those of you who are off, enjoy your festivities and remember not to drink and drive.

For those civilians who are dining out today, please be a little more generous to those who serve you by working on a national holiday.