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Daily Archives: September 26, 2009

Sane advice on tipping in hard economic times from CNN

BBC reports on British tipping law change

There’s another link to a previous video about the change that should be watched as well.

Former Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu’s favorite waiter dies

According to the AP, Cornel Urcan has died at the age of 67.

Not only was he Ceausescu’s favorite waiter, he was also likely a spy for the Securitate, the secret police that Ceausescu employed until he was executed in 1989. Plus, he could reportedly carry 24 plates on one arm.

I can see it now – “Waiter, what’s your name”? “Orcan. Cornel Orcan”.

You can read the article, published by The Taiwan Times here:


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Waiter saves song from Christina Aguilera




‘Candyman’ singer Christina Aguilera almost lost the lyrics to her new song, after writing the track on a napkin which was cleared away by a waiter

“Christina Aguilera almost lost the lyrics to her new song.

The ‘Candyman’ singer felt inspired to write the track while she was dining at Los Angeles’ Osteria Mozza Italian restaurant.

However, she couldn’t find any paper, so decided to put the lyrics on her napkin”.

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