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Waiter fired for twittering


From BrandX:

Waiter gets canned after Twittering about “Hung” actress Jane Adams

03:36 PM PT, Sep 30 2009
There’s a ton of stories about people losing their jobs over a careless tweet about the boss or some sloppy, drunken photos on Facebook.

But have you heard the one about the waiter and Jane Adams?

The actress on the TV show “Hung” didn’t respond to numerous attempts to be contacted, and HBO declined to comment on issues relating to its clients.

But here’s the story we got from Jon-Barrett Ingels, a former waiter at the Barney Greengrass restaurant in Beverly Hills:

One afternoon, Adams came into the restaurant for lunch. Ingels, 31, served her an order of soup and a lemonade. Waiting on a celeb was nothing out of the ordinary, Ingels said, because due to the restaurant’s proximity to major L.A. talent agencies, actors dine there regularly.

Read the thrilling conclusion here:

Definitely a cautionary tale for all waiters.

Jane Adams

3 responses to “Waiter fired for twittering

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  2. SidN October 6, 2009 at 7:54 pm

    He should use twitzee to tweet Anonymously!

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