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Daily Archives: October 18, 2009

10 Most Annoying Things About Dining Out

From The Dallas Observer:

10 Most Annoying Things About Dining Out

We often wonder why anyone would decide to own a restaurant. Not only can profit margins be thin, they also rise and fall on whims. Hire an inept server? Customers at that table will never return.

It’s a precarious business.

From the guest’s point of view, however, there’s no reason to reward a bad experience. We’ve all encountered an uninformed waiter fumbling through explanations of that night’s specials, a manager who refused to correct some mistake, or watched staff members fawn over those at the next table while ignoring yours.

There are, of course, issues a restaurateur can’t control–the vagaries of Dallas’ alcohol laws, for instance, or that screaming baby at the next table. But of those they can, these are the most annoying:

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