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Daily Archives: October 23, 2009

Sparks Settles With Waiters for $3 Million

From the blog Grub Street New York:

Sparks Settles With Waiters for $3 Million

  • 10/23/09 at 11:05 AM

Alexandra Vallis 

Sparks Settles With Waiters for $3 MillionPhoto: Jennifer MacFarlane

It’s payday for waiters at Sparks: The steakhouse must award $3 million to around 200 servers who charged that they were shorted on pooled tips in a class-action lawsuit.

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An oldie but goodie

I realize that some folks have come recently to this blog, and so I start an occasional series of older posts that I think might be of interest. Hopefully, this might make some of you newcomers comb the dank and dusty archives for pearls of wisdom.

Waiter in UK gives reward to rape victim


From Big News Network:

Friday 23rd October, 2009

Waiter gives reward to rape victim   

Big News     Saturday 10th October, 2009     

A man who was given a £10,000 reward for helping to convict a rapist has donated the money to the victim.

Waiter, Lloyd Gardner of Devon in the UK made contact with authorities after recognising a rapist on TV film supplied by police.

The CCTV footage was of a man wanted in connection with the rape in Exeter.

Rapist Jakub Tomczak was later convicted on some evidence Mr Gardner was able to supply.

Mr Gardner said he did not deserve the reward and hoped the cash would help the woman rebuild her life.

He said it had been a difficult decision to make as the money would have been very helpful.

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