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Waiter Rant refutes rumor about Winfrey tip advice

There’s been a rumor floating around the internet for some time that Oprah Winfrey once said, referring to the depressed state of the economy, that “It’s okay to tip 10%.” After receiving countless emails on this subject I thought I’d put this matter to rest. Oprah never said that! In fact a spokesman from Harpo Productions, Dan Holbroooke, had this to say.

“She did recently feature the founder of the blog ‘Waiter Rant’ on her show to discuss the idea that tipping less than 15 percent is considered rude.”

I’l take that as a ironclad refutation!

Read the rest of the post here:

I too was skeptical about this, mainly because I saw a show that she did at least 10 years ago where she had people in the industry talk about this very subject, and she supported the idea of proper tipping. And, of course, she had Steve from Waiter Rant on recently (which I unfortunately missed).

So, until you actually see a video or a transcript, you can completely disregard this little bit of urban mythology.

Oh yeah, buy this book:



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