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Daily Archives: November 11, 2009

Beyoncé and Jay-Z show that celebrities know how to do the right thing

I’m not saying that just because you’re a rich celebrity, that you are expected to leave a 40% tip. But if you are rich and you’re spending an inordinately large amount while dining, it’s probably a good idea to be as generous with your waiter as you are with yourself. It’s good celebrity karma. What sucks is when you are extravagant with your dining and miserly with your tip, or you expect that your celebrity is tip enough.

And here’s some advice to celebrities – if your production company or your management picks up the tab, you might school them in the proper way to tip and hold them to it. After all, it’s you who’ll end up in the tabloids, not them.

Here’s to power couple Beyoncé and Jay-Z. Kudos.

Happy Veterans Day

Today is the day to appreciate the sacrifices that those who have served in uniform have made to ensure the freedom that we all enjoy. It is especially poignant in the wake of the Ft. Hood massacre.

I hope that everyone takes the time to reflect on the service of those Americans who have worn the uniform, especially those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.


This is a photo of a tradition that has been held for the last 15 years at Arlington National Cemetery. The wreaths are laid in mid-December and if you wish to be a part of this tradition, here’s the link that will give you the details:

Now, go hug a veteran. But make sure you ask if it’s OK first. After all, veterans are trained in hand-to-hand.

New link added – Waiting in Vegas

I haven’t added a link in a while. Some of it is my patented laziness, some of  it is the busyness of the restaurant that I work in, and some of it is my notorious ability to be distracted by shiny objects.

There’s one other reason as well. I’ve added links to sites that have gone dormant. I’m not talking about dormancy like this blog has undergone recently where I might miss a day or two – I’m talking no posts for months.  So I’ve been a little more careful adding links. There are quite a few that I’m going to get around to in the coming weeks, so if you have a waiter’s blog that you think is worthy to be added, feel free to provide the link in the comments section. If you don’t want to accidentally fall into my spam folder, you’ll need to make a personal comment that refers directly to the content of this blog. You might already be on my radar and I just haven’t gotten around to adding you, and if that’s the case, I apologize.

Anyway, this is a caustic, sometime scathing look at waiting tables in Las Vegas, the land of dreams, escorts, flagship restaurants, and, currently, Top Chef.

I hope you enjoy it in all of its profane glory.