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Off-topic post – help for Radio Free Nashville


My friends at Radio Free Nashville, a low power community radio station in the Nashville area are asking for any size donation in order to pay for transmitter repair and the installation of a new antenna that will extend their reach from a 10 mile radius to virtually the entire Metro Nashville area. The total bills are around $1000 – 1200.

The station was hand-built and run entirely by volunteers. The idea was to provide a counterbalance to big media and right-wing radio (the Right being well-represented already on the radio dial). The mix is around 60% talk and issue-oriented programming and 40% music. The station operates on a modest budget of $35,000 per year (paying royalties, utilities, maintenance, office supplies, legal expenses, etc.) which works out to be around $95 a day.

So, when your transmitter blows up and you have to spend $500 for the repair, it’s a major chunk of unexpected repairs. They now have the transmitter repairs and the bill will be coming due. Also, they were recently granted a move from 98.9 to 107.1 in order to avoid a short-spacing situation with a station in a nearby community that hamstrung their ability to run at full power (which is already a modest 100 watts), so the purchase of a new antenna and the installation of said antenna is another unexpected expense, although it’s far more welcome than a blown transmitter.

So, if you can afford to donate even a few dollars in these tight economic times, please go to You can find a link where you can make a tax-deductable donation through PayPal (still time to get one in for 2009) and you can also find information about other ways to support the station through underwriting, “adopt-a-bill”, monthly support or through the Tennessee program “Community Shares”, a workplace donation program. 

You can even go to and designate Radio Free Nashville as your charity of choice. Afterwards, everytime you do a web search through the site, WRFN will receive a small donation. And if you make in internet purchase through one of the vendors listed at Good Search, the station will receive a percentage of your purchase. This can be quite substantial if you purchase a large item such as computer or other high-dollar item. Most of the major on-line retailers are part of this program so I hope you’ll check out this way to donate without having to fork over your hard-earned cash.

You don’t have to be a Leftist to consider Radio Free Nashville worth supporting. Those of you who are on the Right should celebrate the idea of organizations being self-supporting without government assistance and consider the idea that even people with conservative views can organize and create their own local community low power radio stations with their own agendas.

Radio Free Nashville can be streamed anywhere in the world that has access to the internet.

Thank you for your consideration. when you donate, please say you heard it at “So You Want To Be A Waiter”.

Here are some pictures from their “barnraising” five years ago, a station built out of whole cloth by an army of volunteers:








IMG_1940Beau, first Friday


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