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Cookbook of the day – Cooking Under Cover

Cooking Under Cover: One Pot Wonders — A Treasury of Soups, Stews, Braises, and Casseroles

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin (September 21, 1998)

ISBN-10: 0395935210

ISBN-13: 978-0395935217

This book is exactly what it pretends to be – a compendium of soups, stews, braises and casseroles. It’s nice to have all of those categories in one place instead of having to plow through many different cookbooks to find what you need.

You won’t find cutting edge cuisine here. There is some variety with different cuisines, but most of the recipes are what you’d expect – stick-to-the-rib savory dishes that even your grandmother would enjoy. You have dishes like Chinese style Tea Smoked Scallops as well as Nana’s Chicken Fricassee. But you also have some semi-exotic dishes such as Choueroute Garni (Braised Alsatian Sauerkraut & Pork) and Pot Stickers with Cabbage, Scallions & Carrots.

I really like this volume because it’s well-spoken and well-thought out. It will help you expand your thinking when you need to deliver a family-style one pot meal (it would be particularly useful for offering an addition to either the Thanksgiving or holiday table).

As this book might be difficult to find locally, I’ve included a link where multiple copies can be bought (I have no connection to the vendor).

Amazon also has it as well.

BTW, Amazon is selling the paperback edition printed by Houghton Mifflin but I have the original hardback edition published by Chapters Publishing Ltd, a small Vermont publisher. If you can get the hardback for a price similar to the softback, I’d spring for it. It’s got a good heft and feel to it.

Photo courtesy of Bed, Bath and Beyond.

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