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Daily Archives: November 23, 2009

New link posted – A Tip From the Bartender

Long time readers might have noticed that I don’t write much about life behind the bar or discuss the issues that bar personnel face. That’s because I’ve never been, nor have I ever desired, to be a bartender. Being a successful bartender requires a skill set that I just don’t possess. Of course, I occasionally post about libations and the importance of waiters knowing their bar products. I should probably remind waiters that bartenders are valuable allies in the quest for great service and they should be cherished for their craft.

So I’m happy to add a new blog to my blog roll, and a new category to boot.

A Tip From the Bartender is a well-written and entertaining look at your friendly neighborhood bartender. Sharp and stylish, the writer offers often sharp commentary on the daily grind of bartending and the situations that bartenders find themselves in.

I hope that you take the time to visit.

Let’s welcome our new bartender friend with a round of shots.

Image courtesy of “A Tip From the Bartender”

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