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Daily Archives: December 6, 2009

Change of themes

I didn’t want to do it, but, for some reason, my previous theme, Journalist 1.9, started forcing my widgets to the bottom of the page. I don’t know why this happened – presumably, it’s due to formatting of one of my recent posts – formatting that exceeded the maximum column width. I assumed that the theme would self-limit the column width, but something has gone wrong.

I don’t like all of the widget stuff like blogrolls and archives being thrown to the bottom of the page, so I’ve been forced to change to this theme, which isn’t too dissimilar.

It’snot change for change’s sake, but a practical matter. If I can ever find a solution to the problem that caused this switch, I will probably switch back.

The impermanent permanence of the blogging world

Recently I noted a cool new blog called “A Tip From the Bartender”.

The writer of this blog is now out of the bartending business according to the most recent post:

Tonight was my last night at work. so I didn’t really give a crap.. which felt very liberating. I had one girl complain about me to another bartender because she said I was rude. I wish I had a video camera so I could record the encounter back to her when she was sober and show her who was rude. I again was dealing with the “EXCCCCUUUUUSE MEEE! OVER HERE!” bitches. I didn’t have anyone else to serve at the time so I asked her what she would like. She made me wait there while she asked her friend what she was drinking. And then she went to into a whole list of questions about prices. By the time I got done answering her questions there were about five people waiting to order.

So when she asked me another question about prices, I did what I thought was most logical.. I walked away. I served the other five people and then I came back. She then looks at me and says “So, are you going to serve me now?” And biting my tongue I said “That depends. Are you ready now?” So she ordered a fuzzy navel. I made it, brought it back to her, and rung her up pretty quickly and then moved on. Apparently she was all pissy because she went and complained about me to the other bartender.. which did her a whole lot of nothing because I don’t work there anymore.. complain about me all you want to, bitch.

I was very smug all night about all the annoying customers. Every time I served someone with attitude I smiled to myself knowing that I would never have to serve them again.

At the end of the night, I got whipped creamed.. a tradition at our bar. And I’m not kidding here.. I was covered in whip cream.. head to toe. My hair was like a giant ice cream cone. And at the end of the night everyone took a shot with me.. which of course included someone saying how I would probably be back in two weeks anyway. It was nice.. and I am going to miss the people I work with. But I have been saying for a few months how happy I would be to quit and put the drama of the bar behind me.. and I sincerely am.

And so it goes in the hospitality business. I have several blogs in my blogroll which have gone
inactive, some because the blogger is doing other things (we have one that’s in nursing school
for instance – “Confessions of a Part Time Waitress”) and some because they might have quit
(The Insane Waiter might be one of those – I don’t know for sure). We even have some blogs
that have gone dormant simply because they don’t have any particular inspiration for blog posts
at the moment or perhaps they’ve just said much of what they want to say during the life of
their blog  (bitterwaitress seems to be one of those).

This is one of the reasons why I’m a little slower to add blogs, because you never know if
they’re just going to disappear or go quiet. Life happens to all of us.

Having said that, there’s still value in some of these blogs. Some of them have several years
worth of worthy posts, and some might still offer future pearls of wisdom, which is why I
don’t delete them from my blogroll.

I highly suggest that my readers delve into the archives of these blogs. Unless the blog owner
deletes the blog, it’s still there to be read and savored.

So, I hope that my readers check out the various blogs in my blogroll, inactive or not.

Editor’s note – for some reason, I can’t fix the screwy formatting of this post, so I’m going to have to let it stand as is. My apologies. could be a conflict between the formatting on the original Blogspot blog and this one. We’ll just have to live with it. I tried to create another verion of this post, but it was worse, so I deleted it.