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Daily Archives: December 14, 2009

A nice holiday gesture

I work Sunday nights and there’s a very nice couple that comes in on Sunday nights about twice a month. I wait on them occasionally but usually they sit in a different section than the one that I’m waiting on simply because of the rotation.

I always make a point to go by and say hi to them if I’m not waiting on them. I know what they drink and when they come in, I make sure that I bring their cocktail without being asked.

Well, last night, they called me over before I had a chance to go by and greet them. The husband said, “We just wanted to wish you a happy holiday. You’ve always been very nice to us and so I wanted to give you this as a holiday thank you”. In his hand was a folded up $20. This simple gesture really stunned me. The wife added, “And you always know what we drink and I think that’s nice”.

I just wanted to comment how much I appreciated the gesture. It could have been a dollar bill or it could have been a simple handshake and a thank you and I would have felt just as good.

It’s nice to be appreciated.

And, guess what, fellow servers, the same applies to us. You should tell your regulars how much you appreciate their patronage and loyalty during this holiday season. Even if they’re not your regulars but regulars in the restaurant.

And speaking of Serious Eats…

…we’re adding it to our blogroll, under the category of foodie.

Always interesting, always informative, and, in the best tradition of food porn, glossy and moist with tempting photographs, this is definitely a go-to site for anyone interested at all in food.

Just like a 13 year old boy stays in the bathroom for excessive periods of time, you might find yourself stuck in the kitchen with a laptop and a roll of paper towels for a long long time.

Here’s an example of what you will get:

Photos by Erin Zimmer