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Daily Archives: December 17, 2009

Last minute gift suggestion to the foodie in your life

Amazon has a good price on this knife:

It’s a 9 1/2 inch Yanagiba Japanese sushi knife. Normally around $50 “retail”, it’s on sale for $31.95.

This knife is used predominately for sashimi preparation. It’s got a one-sided beveled blade. The length is intended to allow you to pull the blade in one direction over a block of fish. This single motion prevents the tearing that a sawing motion would produce. The single-sided blade is VERY sharp, so make sure that your foodie has some knife experience. This knife comes in handy for cutting extremely thin slices of raw meat of any kind, such as very thin slices for carpaccio. It’s a well-made knife that has to be taken care of carefully because it’s carbon steel, not stainless steel. It can literally get rust from the humidity of the air if not stored properly or if it’s not dried quickly after cleaning. The advantage to carbon steel is that it takes an edge better than the much harder stainless. The downside is that it loses its edge quicker as well, but this just means a little more sharpening.

This is sold through a third party at Amazon and you have to pay for “expedited shipping” in order to get it there by the 24th (if you order it today). I didn’t check the price on that.

Amazon itself has an 8″ version for $34.95 that you can get with free shipping by Christmas if you order today. An 8″er is plenty long. In fact, it might even be a little easier for the non-professional to use. After all, how many times are you going to be slicing 9 inch blocks of toro tuna?

Either knife would be a nice last-minute present for someone who’s in the kitchen a lot. It’s a very impressive gift for less than $40. Just make sure that they are capable of using it safely.  But if you want the 9 inch blade, you’ll have to hurry – there are only three left.

Amazon puts these on sale periodically and I bought a brown handled 9 1/2″er back in 2007 for $18.99 during a Friday sale. but it wasn’t the week before Christmas and I think that the price is still a good one for such a blade. I really like having it in my arsenal.