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Daily Archives: December 28, 2009

New link added – Lone Waitress

Here’s another blog that I’ve been meaning to add to the blogroll for a while.

If you are a waiter, you’ll like it. I guarantee it.

Recently there was a post about “Stupid things customers say”. This was one of my favorites, although it’s not so much “stupid” but just funny:

2) “Do you have a bathroom?” Umm, yes. We have a bathroom.

My favorite variation of this is, “Do you know where the bathroom is”? Hmmmm, I’ve been here for 4 years and I’m still waiting on them to show me.

Anywho, check out Lone Waitress. Satisfaction or your money back.

PS, just another reminder for new readers – I refer to both male and female food servers as waiters. It’s fine if others don’t.