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Featured at How To Be A Better Restaurant Customer

I have participated in the “You Got Served” at the great blog, “How To Be A Better Restaurant Customer”. I’m pitted against Restaurant Gal, a blog that I have long cherished (you’ll find both of these blogs ye ole blogroll). Both of us are asked a few questions and we give a little background biographical information.

Hope you check it out here:

My only quibble is that the formatting got skewed, making it a little difficult to read (as if my purple prose isn’t enough of a slog). Oh, and I posted a comment saying that I chose Restaurant Gal, but I guess we don’t get to vote on our own “contest”. I really do cherish her posts, which are warm, funny, insightful and even sometimes tragic and she’s a real mensch.

And when I went to the blog to pull up the You Got Served post, I found that I got a very warm endorsement in the most recent post as well. Wow. I’m really gratified. How cool is that?

I absolutely endorse this blog, not because of the kudos, but because they’ve found an interesting twist on the standard server blog and both diners and servers can benefit from the content there.


2 responses to “Featured at How To Be A Better Restaurant Customer

  1. Anon February 12, 2010 at 12:31 pm

    I like the posting of the different blogs, but not a huge fan of the “Which one do you like better”

    And if I vote my opinion doesn’t get posted, so I really don’t see the whole point of it.

    At least your vote should’ve been posted.

    • teleburst February 12, 2010 at 12:57 pm

      I’m not a huge fan of the “contest” part of it, but I understand that it’s an interesting wrinkle, so I accept it as something that makes it different than just a highlight of someone’s blog.

      I don’t know if the ommision of my comment was deliberate or my own failing in posting. I know that my first attempt failed because I had forgotten that I had to verify it through the anti-spam filter. But I thought that I followed it up the next day properly. Perhaps I screwed it up the second time, but I don’t think I did. .

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