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Another Valentine’s Day in the books

For waiters, Valentine’s Day isn’t exactly a Hallmark moment. People who never go out to eat save up all year for this day, and, for waiters, it isn’t pretty.

However, the saving grace is the volume that’s generated.

IValentine’s Day on sunday means a whole weekend of butt-kicking, low tips and smarmy behavior. Put it all together means a decent payday but a feeling like you’ve just been drug behind a truck through a muddy field.

I was lucky that I had a 50/50 sort of weekend. I worked Saturday and Sunday night, skipping Friday night, which was extremely busy as well. Saturday night was a treat. I had a small 3 table station that paid off with quality guests. I ended up walking with $300 after tipout and, while it was a long night, it was smooth and pleasant. Last night was pooling with others and frankly, I was the beneficiary because I had three pretty abysmal tips from my tables (one was actually $10 on $150). I think I only had 2 20% tips, the rest hovered just below 15%. Fortunately, several of our team got some quality, which made up for the bad tips that some of us had to suffer from. We walked with about $220 after tipout. It wasn’t the smoothest night, but I could say that it could have been worse.

Yep, let’s put Valentine’s Day behind us and move forward. Please.


2 responses to “Another Valentine’s Day in the books

  1. waiterextraordinaire February 15, 2010 at 7:58 pm

    Still pretty decent money teleburst.

    • teleburst February 17, 2010 at 9:57 am

      Oh yeah, it was very good money. The 50/50 thing was in reference to the quality of the diners and the actual waiting experience, not the money.

      And Monday and Tuesday night were just off the hook. I walked with $300 on 4 tables, three deuces and a 3-top. One of those deuces was a $580 table that left me $250! And last night, I had a 5 top and a 4 top. The 4 top was a regular who spent $900 and left me $180 and the 5 top spent $600 and left me $120. I walked with about $220. All of those sales figures are post-tax as well.

      I haven’t had a run like this for a long, long time. In fact, I don’t think I’ve sold as many nice bottles of wine in a two shift period ever, and to as few people – I waited on a grand total of 18 people Monday and Tuesday night combined and sold didn’t have a table that bought less than a $60 bottle of wine. One deuce spent $400 on two bottles and a 4 top spent $350 on two bottles.

      Final take for 4 shifts? $1050. And 3/4ths of those shifts were a cakewalk. And, as it turned out, I didn’t even have to do any lunch shifts due to a party cancellation Monday. Sometimes it just happens that way. You need little periods of waiting on cool people to make up for the other times. But that’s one of the best parts of this job – it’s always a wild ride!

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