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Blogroll blog now “invitation only”

I’m having to reconsider my listing for the blog “This Apron is Chanel” because it’s been changed to “by invitation only”.  First, there’s no way to write the blogger to request an invitation because that information isn’t available. And second, it kind of defeats the purpose of invitation only to put it in a blogroll.

She probably has had to do it for job security reasons, so it’s not like I blame her or anything. But I’ll leave the link up for 48 hours and if I don’t hear anything from her by then, I’ll take down the link.

This is a good time to remind restaurant bloggers that they run serious risks if they’re too specific in their blogging or they name real people in real situations. The best thing for waiters who want to blog is to muddy up the details and names and situations so as not to be subject to adverse action by management or conflicts with fellow servers. There is even the possibility of legal action should you “defame” a guest or co-worker.

Even if you have permission to blog by your management, just remember, managers come and go and a situation could arise that could put you at risk, even from a manager who has previously blessed your venture. You WILL be thrown under the bus if it comes down to the restaurant or you. Have no doubt about it. So think carefully about telling anyone at work that you are blogging. And don’t think that savvy managers and supervisors at corporate level aren’t scanning the internet for juicy tidbits that might put their brand at risk.


3 responses to “Blogroll blog now “invitation only”

  1. vandervecken February 18, 2010 at 7:12 am

    …Or, you could just be utterly absurd . That’s the one I like. 🙂 But you also have to be careful NOT to use ANY of your blog jokes at work! Now you have a secret double life. There is still risk involved.

    The thing is, there is payoff that makes it worth doing: I have a place to get this stuff out, and it is no longer so much in my head at work. This helps because I can detach more easily and stay focused on the mission. At the same time I observe more closely, looking for things to be silly about, and this makes me more attentive. Satire is very closely linked to empathy — and I think 90% of staying on top of things on the job is balancing empathy with detachment so you can stay focused on the right thing. I’d be interested to hear where you stand on that.

    • teleburst February 18, 2010 at 7:42 am

      I definitely feel as if it’s a safety valve for many. For me, it’s almost the opposite – I have to spend so much time mentally editing what I can and cannot write about because it would be a dead giveaway to my coworkers that someone at work is blogging (although i doubt that any of them actually read this blog in the first place. Of course, I’ve made the conscious decision not to have a venting site, so it’s easier to deal with, but I’m sometimes frustrated that I can’t get very specific about the characters that inhabit my restaurant universe – cause we have some real ones on both sides of the table.

      Another drawback to reticence is that I lose a very heady stream of material. While I don’t see some of the really crazy things that I read about in other restaurants, there’s a lot of writable stuff that goes on in my place. Just the celebs alone is worth the price of admission.

  2. AK February 20, 2010 at 2:00 am

    Sorry for not seeing this earlier and following up.

    I had to delete the blog for personal reasons, but until I can download all the posts it’s set as “Blog Authors Only” (hence the invitation-only status). So yes, to anyone who sees this and might have my blog listed: feel free to take it down. Sorry for the inconvenience!!

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