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Article about tipping from my hometown

From the Memphis Daily News, the first of a three part series on tipping from famed Memphis food writer/critic, Fredric Koeppel (whose daughter used to be a waiter, incidentally).

Tipping a Tricky Business Behind Scenes at Area Restaurants

By FREDRIC KOEPPEL | Special to The Memphis News


Editor’s Note: This is the first in a series about tipping in local restaurants.               

The next time you feel good about yourself for plunking down a $20 tip for a $100 tab at a restaurant, consider this: The server who benefits from your generosity may not actually hold on to that princely sum.

Yes, the system of tipping waiters and waitresses for good service is more complicated than the simple transaction would appear. These complications apply for the server, restaurant management and for the IRS, which has to keep track of who is getting paid and how much. (Servers on average fail to report 40 percent of their tips, according to the IRS.)

Read the rest of the article here:


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