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Daily Archives: March 2, 2010

A nod to Canadians

First of all, congrats for the Hockey win! It was an exciting game and you deserved to win. the US players were gamers though.

Second, I frequently rag on Canadians for poor tipping practices in both their own country and especially in the US, but I have to say that Canadian hockey players are almost always 20 percenters, plus, those guys can eat! They don’t mind spending money on food. My restaurant frequently has opposing teams come in to eat, as they did tonight. We usually don’t get our own team except after a game (I’m sure that they go out before away games like our opponents do in our restaurant).

What I like about hockey players in general is that they don’t need a big song and dance. They like to order and eat and they don’t spend a lot of time dragging out their meal. They are as serious and efficient at eating as they are playing hockey. They are very relaxed at tableside, but this doesn’t translate into a relaxed pace. And they are friendly and gracious (like Canadians in general, of course).

We’re always glad to see them coming, and you can always tell an NFL hockey gang just by the way they look.

Although they didn’t do it tonight, I love it when 12 of them get together, eat a big meal and spend a grand and then throw all of their credit cards into a hat and pick one. Whomever’s card gets picked has to pay. I’ve seen this several times and it never fails to amaze.

So, let me raise a hypothetical glass to the NHL. I say hypothetical because I resisted the temptation to buy some brandy and sip it while I watched The Daily Show with Jon Stewart tonight after work. I waited on seven of Edmonton’s finest and they spent a tick over $600, which meant $120 in my pocket before 6:30 (they came in at 5:30).

Canadian hockey players – you do your country proud!