So You Want To Be A Waiter

The best book on waiting tables that you have never read – yet

Blurry-eyed posting

I’m on one of those dreaded “waiter turnarounds”.  And unusually late night followed by a lunch.

Got home at 2pm and of course, really couldn’t fall asleep until almost 4am.

So now I’m typing while feeling like I was just hit by a dump truck. And I’m on a double. Fortunately, I didn’t have a double yesterday and only worked dinner, and this is basically my Friday, as I’m off Thursday and Friday and don’t have to be back at work until Saturday dinner shift. but this means that I have to marshall my energy to make it through the whole day. After all, I’m an old dog.

Motivators? Extreme poorness. A great burst of shifts since last Saturday dinner (I’ve made almost $1000 before today’s shift – made $340 last night, so I’m making headway on digging myself out of my hole) Pride in not being too old to still do the dreaded waiter turnaround and 2 – 3 doubles a week – perhaps I’m too old but I refuse to acknowledge it.

So, the blog will pick back up tomorrow with new topics. It’s time for me iron that jacket, feed the dogs on the way out, make a bank deposit and fill up my gas tank so I don’t run out of gas on the interstate so that I can punch in  in 45 minutes.

Ahhhh, the life of a waiter. Do you still want to be a waiter? “Cause sometimes you’ve really got to want it.


2 responses to “Blurry-eyed posting

  1. waiterextraordinaire March 3, 2010 at 10:29 am

    Right on buddy! Keep the hammer down and make the big bucks!

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