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Daily Archives: April 2, 2010

A rumination on the scrubbing if the line cook/chef pirate image

Photo Salon/AP

At Salon, Francis Lam is worried about the kitchen.

And probably for good reason:

Ten years ago, Anthony Bourdain became a star when he released “Kitchen Confidential,” his restaurant-as-pirate-ship memoir, and pretty much single-handedly defined our image of the “real life” of restaurant cooking: a manly adventure of hot-shit line cooks and sodomy, rum and lashes of cocaine. It’s an intense world where the abuse comes from all angles, and, as in sports or war, is filled with heroic, violent mythmaking.

So when a chef in Canada got canned last week for speaking a little too frankly to a journalist about life in his kitchen, Tim Hayward speculated in the Guardian that the chef may have just been trying to join Bourdain’s party: “By telling the gritty truth like ‘chef’ [Gordon] Ramsay does it, surely he should have expected admiration, kudos and unlimited girls …” But for the chef’s sake, I hope not. Because that ship has sailed — a culture drowning, ironically, in the very waves of celebrity Bourdain helped to create.<snip>

The article is headed by:

Why kitchens stopped being like pirate ships

10 years after Anthony Bourdain’s “Kitchen Confidential,” the bad-boy chef is an endangered species

The post is a must-read, and you are hereby commanded to go here: