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Daily Archives: April 3, 2010

Off-topic music post – Gang of Four

Gang of Four is back.

From today, you can get a prerelease of their new album or any number of other goodies by pledging here:

A portion of the proceeds will go to Amnesty International. Would you expect anything less from one of the most political bands on the planet?

Here’s a list of what you can pledge for:

Exclusives Available

For £8 you’ll receive the project download when released, plus access to pledger-only updates that include:

  • Image 3 images  

If that’s not enough there’s more! Pledge for any of the below and the download and updates are free:

‘Content’ on CD £10

342 left
T-Shirt + Signed Standard CD £15

489 left
New Album Artwork T-Shirt £17

199 left
Signed CD + Jon’s Spotify Playlist of the week £22

8 left
Signed & numbered rare white label vinyl copy of album £30

240 left
Box of 4 re-issue badges + Signed CD £35

49 left
Vinyl Version Of The Record Cut Live At Metropolis Studio £35

250 left
Ultimate Content Can – Signed & Numbered £45

495 left
Question and Answer / Discussion Evening £50

80 left
GoF Concert & Historical Exhibition – Private View £55

239 left
Signed CD + Hand written lyric sheet £55

24 left
Signed & numbered rare white label vinyl + lyrics £65

10 left
Acknowledgment for sponsoring the recording of ‘Content’ £75

100 left
Raw Footage from our US tour £100

10 left
£100 bundle – Private View, Ultimate Content Can & T-Shirt £100

50 left
Laminate – entrance to any GoF show in 2010 / 2011! £125

30 left
The Lost Cassette – GoF first ever show in cassette Walkman £175

20 left
Album playback in London studio £190

4 left
Lyric Clinic £250

5 left
Authentically damaged signed guitar £450

1 left
Helicopter – Home to London After Glasto With GoF £950

4 left
Helicopter – London To Glasto With GoF £950

4 left
Andy Gill mixes your track £1,500

3 left

They’re also tossing out some “updates” for those who pledge for any of the above items. Things with the cryptic titles like “Session Files for ‘Do as I say’ working title ‘Charles The First’ ” and “Pedals”. You have to have pledged to see what these items are (I assume that “pedals” is some sort of GoF hand decorated decorated guitar pedal). I haven’t gotten that far yet. Soon…meanwhile, there’s a snippet from the new album posted at the site.

The GoF then:

More recently: