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Daily Archives: May 2, 2010

TN Senate passes bill to allow guns in bars

From The Tennessean:

By Chas Sisk • THE TENNESSEAN • April 30, 2010

The state Senate approved a bill Thursday that would let handgun owners carry their weapons into any establishment that serves alcohol, raising further doubts about an earlier compromise meant to let guns into restaurants but keep them out of bars.

The Senate passed their version of the guns-in-restaurants bill 23-9 without considering a House amendment meant to prevent people who have permits to carry handguns from taking them into places whose main business is serving alcohol.

The legislation would open up even more restaurants and bars to firearms than a similar law passed last year. A Nashville judge struck down that law last fall, saying it was too vague on which establishments could allow handguns and which could not.

Sen. Doug Jackson, the bill’s sponsor, said the current measure sidesteps those problems by saying clearly that handgun owners can take their weapons into any eating establishment that hasn’t posted signs restricting guns by the entrance.

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Now it has to go to the House. I am on record as saying that it’s insane to mix alcohol and guns, so, as they used to say in the old days in the south, “I’m agin it” (if it helps, picture Walter Brennan saying it).

Heck, I’m even against mixing Caesar salads with guns, but that’s just because it makes the barrel sticky…