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Daily Archives: May 3, 2010

Flooding in Nashville

It’s amazing how bad the flooding is here in the Music City.

Part of downtown is flooded, but the real impact is elsewhere. The Opryland Hotel is flooded and won’t be taking reservations for 2 weeks to a month (and it could be months before they get back to normal). The lobby looks like it’s under about 2 feet of water. That’s a couple of thousand hotel rooms that are out of commission.

Over 1000 water rescues. Amazing.

Joe’s Crab Shack on Second Ave. now has water up to about 3 feet short of the awnings at the front entrance. You do the math.

My restaurant is closed for the next 24 hours. We’re high and dry, but power is being cut to substantial parts of downtown due to the incompatibility of water with electricity.

But the worst part of it is thousands of houses in the region literally underwater.

I live about 4 blocks from a little lazy stream called Richland Creek. Every house within 200 yards of the creek were submerged. Incomprehensible. This afternoon, I went over the little bridge and the rails were covered with debris. There was a rear axle sticking out of the water.

Nashville (and all of middle Tennessee) has been really gouged. This is truly catastrophic.

On the humorous side, when we ask whether someone wants bottled or tap water, guests just love to say, “Cumberland Punch” (Cumberland being the river that “runs through it”). I was fully prepared to tell them “No problem, I’ll just step out the back door with a bucket”.

Here’s a shot of the lobby of The Opryland Hotel:

Wow. Just wow.

Oh yeah, here’s another shot of what people less fortunate than I are dealing with: