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Post removed

I had to remove a post from yesterday because of a request of the blogger that I had quoted and linked to.

I certainly understand protecting copyrights and all that. Sometimes I think it’s the case of cutting off a nose to spite a face, but that’s the right of every copyright holder.

In the post’s short history (mere hours), 5 people had already clicked links to the blog and I had added the link to my blogroll, which I have since removed. I know that I only have a daily readership of between 400 and 1200 readers, but that’s well over 100,000 viewers a year and growing. So, I think it was counterproductive of that blogger to want to lose that potential viewer stream. And who knows how many people I would have sent that blogs way through my blogroll. But that’s the right of the blogger to protect copyrighted material and I say “more power to ya”…

While my blog has a lot of original content, I also aggregate on occasion when I find an interesting source. I try to quote enough of the content to give it the flavor of what’s being discussed and then truncate the quote and refer the reader to the original through a link. Whenever possible, I also post a heading image in order to honor the source. I don’t contact them up-front, but I’m always willing to remove any content that a copyright holder feels violates their copyright and I do it at the earliest opportunity.

Here’s a policy statement – if any source wants content removed due to protection of copyright issues, all they have to do is post a comment to that post and request removal, as this blogger did.  Due to workplace issues, I’ve deliberately not posted a contact email, so this is the only way for someone to contact me directly, at least at this point.

Also, if anyone wants to submit my posts to reposting as I do with others, they are free to do so as long as they make a reasonable attempt to not post the entire content and provide a link for a reader to follow in order to read the entire comment. They are free to post an extract.

One little quibble that I have with the blogger is that this person doesn’t make it clear in the “About Me” blurb that requests that people need to contact for permission to use her content in any fashion. Many bloggers explicitly request this and this makes it clearer as to the blogger’s stance on his or her material. Since I have no such area as of this time, nor do I have a specific contact email address, I hope that this post clarifies my own stand on using my material.

Anyway, in case you were wondering where yesterday’s post went, there’s the story.


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